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I'm Amaka, I met my husband 8 years ago at age 22, he was 46yrs old then. Though he was married, his first wife left him in 2002 after 14yrs of marriage without any issue.
I got married and packed into his duplex located at Ajah. After our marriage, I got pregnant and had twins (2boys). My husband was very happy. 3 years later, I had another set of twin boys.He could not contain his excitement, he told me, "IFEYINWA TNK U FOR SHOWING D WORLD THAT I AM A MAN, I WIL LUV U TILL I DIE" and I replied, "I WIL LUV U TOO TIL DEATH DO US PART'.

He later opened a big supermarket for me at lekki. I was devoted and dedicated to my home, we were living in peace until 2 years ago when CHIOMA the first wife came back, I welcomed her and even asked my husband to forgive her. Within 6months our peaceful house turned to something else. CHIOMA's behaviour changed towards me, she started calling me a prostitute, husband snatcher and other unprintable names.

That same month our husband FRANK became sick and his blood pressure became high. CHIOMA started making life unbearable for me, she insisted the house was FRANK and hers. He told my husband to rent another house for us but he refused.

In 2011, FRANK lost all he had coshis business partner ran away with all his money, I took over the expenses in the house, he was grateful and he told me, 'IFEYINWA DO U KNOW YOU ARE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER WOMEN, DESPITE MY FINANCIAL STATUS AND AGE GAP U STIL STOOD BY ME. I WILL ALWAYS LUV U" and I told him I would love him for better for worse.

But Chioma wouldn't care. She was never happy with me and my children, she said the house was built when she was living with him then dat i should go with my bastard children. I am 30yrs now,she is 47 while Frank is 54yrs. I gave Frank N3million to start another business and told him of my plans to rent a house so peace would reign but he refused, he started crying like baby. The next day his BP raised to 320. Everything got so bad, Chioma would threaten to stab me at any slightest provocation. We do the same business but she's not happy about my progress cos I'm miles ahead of her. She has never for one day bought anything in the house, I've been footing the bills.

I went to meet my Pastor and he advised me to quit the marriage because Frank belongs to Chioma.

My Question is...

What will happen to Frank, my 4boys and i? How will i break dis news to him? I love him so much but what about his condition? Chioma hates my children and she wants Frank to sell the duplex.

Pls advise me, what is my fate? What do I do...PLZ GREAT ADVICE

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I will ask u to leave the house first, if possible with ur husband n go to God for his mercy over ur family... Am sure God will help u out cos he is still in the bussiness of hearing prayers

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