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Fela Didn’t Die Of HIV/AIDS – Ex wife
« on: Aug 14, 2012, 05:55 AM »

Kevwe is late Fela Kuti’s ex wife . Who got married to the legend in the funniest of ways. Here’s how she met Fela: On the day she met Fela, she took food to her uncle who runs a studio. “when I got to the studio, he locked me in the dark room and walked away, leaving me in company with Fela, who was visiting him at the time. I had intercourse with Fela that day,” She confessed. After wards she moved in with Fela’s first wife and Femi Kuti’s mother, Remi in 1972.

Kevwe was one of the 27 women Fela married in one day at a solemization overseen by 12 herbalists when court said they were underaged.

She also said: “He introduced me to smoking. Whenever I refused to smoke, he would get angry and disgrace me in public.”

Then she drops the bomb when asked of her reaction with the reports that Fela died of complications rising from HIV/AIDS. She says he didn’t “If he died of AIDS, how come it did not affect me? Fela had slept with me more than anyone else in that house. I should be the first person to be infected with HIV/AIDS.”

She says she is healthy, HIV negative and presently a nurse.

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Fela Didn’t Die Of HIV/AIDS – Ex wife
« on: Aug 14, 2012, 05:55 AM »