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Food for thought!
« on: Aug 14, 2012, 04:43 PM »
Some pple r so stingy menn...!read dz dt happnd btw a Husband & His wife when d wife has just a week to her birthday...
D man just want to cause trouble @ home so dt he will present nothn 2 his wife 4 her birthday...
Husband: hey {frm work}
wife: oh welcome my love.
Husband: u left d tv. set on when no 1 is watchn it what is wrong with u?.
Wife: I am so sorry my love.
Husband: why can't u off it b4 u come & open d door? Or dont u knw i am payn 4 d electricity?
Wife: I am sorry my love.
Husband: {thinkn:hoo why is dz woman nt angry}
Husband: ok..... hey come here where is my food?
Wife: Let me go and prepare it 4 u honey..
Husband: what is wrong wit u? Don't u knw i need to eat?.
Wife: but u said i should nt prepare ur food until u r back.
Husband: ok! Go and get me yam and egg.
Wife:ok {she went straight to d kitchen}
Husband: heeeey come back here. Get me yam, 1 fried egg, & 1 boiled egg.
Wife: ok my love.
Husband: {still thinkn: why is she nt angry}
.after 17 minutes
Wife: my love ur food is ready.
Husband: {went to d dinning with evil heart} oooh. U want to give me poison? I said 1 fried egg & 1 boiled egg, u went ahead to boil wrong egg and fry wrong egg.. What is wrong with u..... Infact i am tired of dz fuckn house, i am living d house 4 u now......
Pls who or what is at fault?

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Food for thought!
« on: Aug 14, 2012, 04:43 PM »