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Dear God!
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Dear God,

How has the day been with us humans? I can’t imagine how many rants you have heard in the last hour. How many curses, cries, blames…? I’m trying to imagine how your typical day looks like; thinking about it alone is so overwhelming.

I’m imagining how those of us on GMT+1 time zone crowd your day with prayers and requests and all, and just when you should take a bit of rest the people on the GMT-11 time zone are awake and you get to listen to another round of prayers…and cries, requests etc. It just goes on and on, it never stops. You get no time to doze or even sleep like we all do. Yet you are ever alert .I guess GODS with capital Gs don’t sleep…that’s what your word says.

I was about to start mumbling into your ears like I do when I don’t understand what’s going on with life when a thought came to me and it stopped me in my tracks. I’m kinda imagining what it felt like when one-third of your angels planned a coup against you, now that is hurt with a capital H.I guess I’ll never know how you felt but if its anything like I feel when I’m hurt then it must hurt real bad. But then you are GOD…Gods must feel different, I think?

After this thought, I don’t think I wanna rant again. I’m just going to sit and give you credit God, You do a great job. With all our frailties and imperfections and the way we hurt you, you still care for us.

You love us so much you even sent your son to die for us. What love could be greater than that? I’m imagining… if I’m God, Of course my “patience metre” will read zero by now. I would probably have destroyed the whole of mankind. May be; just may be the earth will be filled only with birds, fishes and animals with little or no human being.

So today God, I want to take some time to appreciate you. For your love, your grace, your mercies. You’ve been everything. You’ve been my love, my rock, my pillow on sleepy nights, and the shoulder I cry on, on crappy days. You’ve been the hug that kept me warm when the world became too cold for me; you’ve been the sunlight that shines on my face, the stars in my night. You make my cloudy skies blue; you’ve been the wind that caresses my face with its whispers. You’ve been all that and much more.

And so God, even though I don’t always understand your thoughts and ways towards me. I’ll still choose you...I’ll choose you over and over again.



Re: Dear God!
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Lord I thank you too oooooo.

Re: Dear God!
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I am grateful to God now and forevermore.till eternity he will be glorified by me

Re: Dear God!
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God is always good. The only friend that never quit when life gets tough. God I thank u for who you are. If u are yet to know hjim pls do now cos u are missing.