Author Topic: Woman delivers baby with Islamic rosary (Tesbeu) in Nigeria (PHOTO)  (Read 987 times)

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Barely three months after the reported birth of a baby with a mini-Quran in Mushin area of Lagos state, another oddity has occurred in Sagamu, Ogun State as a woman purportedly delivered a baby boy with an Islamic rosary otherwise known as Tesbeu. Investigation by Sunday Sun revealed that the boy was delivered on Tuesday at Rotoluwa Maternity Home along Aiyepe road at about 11.45pm.

Mrs Gbemisola Hamsat, a 35-year-old mother of five, was said to have been delivered of the baby and the rosary. Expectedly, the strange delivery has turned their No.2 Odujoko Street, off Prison road residence into a Mecca of sorts as people thronged the area to confirm the tale. The Matron of the Maternity Home, Mrs. Sarah Olurotimi Oloyede, a traditional birth attendant confirmed that she took the delivery of the somewhat strange child. Her words: “I heard a sound of something dropping into the bed pan before the placenta came out.

It sounded as if it was an iron or something with weight that dropped on it and when I checked it closely, I saw a rosary covered with thick blood’’. Mrs Oloyede said that when she took the rosary by the ‘tail’ to examine it properly, all the clotting blood on it fell off leaving the shinning rosary. A Christian, Oloyede said that t she immediately invited her husband and some Muslim clerics in the area to come and behold the strange birth by her Christian patient.

According to her, the shout of “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) rented the air as hundreds of people trooped in to behold what happened. According to her, the rosary was not around the neck of the boy when he was delivered by her mother. She explained that the birth of the boy was miraculous and mysterious because a patient who was on the hospital bed for over four days and was  unable to walk and eat, immediately got up and  walked, demanding for food which she ate on hearing the cry of the new baby.

She said the boy was held on to the rosary and did not allow anyone to remove it from him despite that he was yet to open his eyes. The baby’s mother said she is a Christian while her husband is a Muslim and expressed surprise at the development. Father of the baby,45-year-old Mr Idris Hamsat, said the wonderful delivery of his son helped to confirm his faith in Allah, saying, “Allah is indeed righteous and good”. Chief Imam of Remoland, Alhaji Anofi Adeyemi Allinson who doubles as the Ogun State President of League of Imams and Alphas likened the wonder birth to the visit of Prophet Musa to Medina where Allah sent his light to herald his visit.

The Islamic cleric said: “Almighty Allah is sending us signals and message which we must all understand.” First,it was about a baby born with a miniature of the Holy Quran and now, a baby boy with Tesbeu.” The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) for Sagamu Area, Mr. Wale Lawal was said to have led his officers and men to behold the mystery baby while prominent indigenes in Remo town were said to have also visited the hospital. In his reaction, the Chief Medical Director of Ogun State General Hospital, Ijebu Ode, Dr Wellington Ogunsanya said there was no biological link of the story with the normal conception and baby delivery by a woman.

According to him, “such claim could only be possible with the help of a third party who might have implanted the rosary into the woman while she was un-aware.” He said that such claims might be due to some women who inserted Intra –Uterine Device (IUD) through their vaginas into the uterus adding that this may not necessarily disturb the growth of the baby. Dr Ogunsanya noted that in such cases, it was possible for the baby during delivery, to hold on to or bring such an object out of the woman. The medical director said that the case of a boy and a rosary being born by a woman had no correlation medically.

SOURCE:  Sunday Sun

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