Author Topic: Racism: White Guy Beaten By Black Guys For Dating Nigerian American Girl (VIDEO)  (Read 1830 times)

A Georgia man was left bloodied and bruised after he was brutally attacked for dating an African-American girl, Olufisayo Bakare (Nigerian).

The interracial couple were strolling through Ellis Square, a public space in Savannah, shortly before midnight last Friday, when they say three black men began taunting them. The provocation began as racial slurs, then the scoffers started blowing kisses and suddenly the trio jumped on the boyfriend, Andrew Quade - who is white, beating him and leaving him barely conscious.

Police say there is no hate crime law in Georgia. Police say if there is enough evidence, there are federal laws that could apply and the case could be referred to the FBI.

Investigators say they do have surveillance video, but according to the couple the quality is not good.

The couple did not get a good description of the suspects and can only say they were three black males varying in height.

Watch video below:

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Racism, the other way round...