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Job Title: Data & Internet Planning Engineer

Job ID: 1858

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Department: Network Group

Company: MTN Nigeria Communications Limited

Job Description:    

•Ensure the design & development of distributed POP sites and infrastructure within MTN Nigeria’s redundant Internet backbone architecture.

•Produce, maintain & evolve strategy & roadmap for continuous achievement of higher cost efficiency and reliability in MTN’s Internet services provisioning plan

•Responsible for service provisioning for the all MTN mobile data and core mobile packet  infrastructure

•Responsible for reviewing internal/external request for internet access & connectivity and map out the requirements for successful & cost effective provisioning of required resources, e.g. dedicated APN, bandwidth & traffic exclusivity

•Implement accurate performance monitoring techniques to ensure adequate capacity and capability for the achievement of given SLAs, Quality and Class of service targets for all mobile data service streams

•Develop, evolve and control NWG methodologies for acquisition and distribution of Public (Internet) IP addressing and Autonomous System numbering for achievement of MTN Nigeria’s internal & external data service obligations.

•Receive and review internal/external requests for internet access & connectivity and map out the requirements and procedure for successful & cost effective provisioning of required resources, e.g. dedicated bandwidth & traffic exclusivity.

•Ensure production of best fit architecture, integration planning and ongoing infrastructure development for provisioning of mobile data services to corporate, individual, fixed and mobile customers e.g. Wi-Fi, GPRS, WAP and 3rd Generation mobile services.

•Ensure the production & evolution of Network Security policies and implementation of required amendments as may from time to time be directed by the Information Security Steering Committee.

•Plan & develop secure content hosting and extranet data connectivity mechanisms for nodes and services hosted remotely (GPRS roaming) or locally on MTN premises (3rd Party Compartments).

•Ensure the design of Network Management System, Provisioning and Service Support Systems used in the planning, delivery and management of MTN’s IP/Data Services and Networks.

•Responsible for the designing & development of distributed mobile data service network infrastructure such as BRAS, DNS, RADIUS etc within MTN Nigeria’s mobile & fixed data backbone architecture

•Ensure compilation, analysis and presentation of trend reports on Internet capacity demand, utilization and availability as well as mitigation action plans for any identified security breaches or loopholes.

Job Conditions:   

•   General MTNN working conditions

•   Extra working hours may be required

Reporting To:   Team Lead, IP Planning (Internet & Data Services)

Required Skills:   

•Bachelor’s Degree in any relevant engineering or science courses

•4 years extensive experience in IT, Telecommunications & systems integration preferably in an ISP environment

•Minimum Cisco qualification of CCNP/CCIP/CCDP/CCSP level with extensive systems integration and network design experience

•Sound understanding of Telecoms standards & working knowledge of 3G/GPRS, BlackBerry, WAP, IP Network and Routing techniques

•Very good understand of Internet related network services e.g. B-RAS,RADIUS, DNS & DHCP, etc

•Data & Voice networking protocols such as IP, BGP

•Knowledge of advanced IP routing protocols (BGP, IS-IS, MPLS, etc)

•Understanding of high capacity Packet & circuit transmission technologies & products, e.g. SDH, DWDM, ATM, Frame Relay

•Experience with 3G, HSDPA, GSM, TDMA, CDMA networks



Qualification: Bachelors Degree in any relevant engineering or science courses

Deadline: 14th September, 2012.

Data and Internet Planning Engineer Job

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