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Flow Architect Studio 3D is a software package for design and presentation. It enables you to design and visualize any scene you need in 3D, for example: buildings, interiors, spaces or your products. Flow helps you to present your work to others with screenshots, movies and a 3D real-time virtual walk.

Virtual walk is a real-time interactive presentation that can take a form of an application in a single executable file or an O4C file. A visualization in a form of an application can be shown to your clients or audience and shared through a website.

  • CAD Editor:

    convex blocks: create convex Blocks, cut them with planes, do CSG opperations, assign different material to each side;

    surfaces: create smoth or sharp surfaces;

    models: place models imported fromt different programs;

    particle effects: place fire, steam or fog;

    referenced instanced geometry: create libraries of objects that you have designed for easy reuse;

    different materials: use many different materials or textures. Tga, png and jpg textures are supported;

    lights and shadows: light up your design with multpile colored lights;

    animations: create animations of doors and other interactive objects;

    libraries of resources: use as many libraiers of models, textures, materials and objects that you have designed as you want;

    effects: create effects like fog or mirrors;

    sharing: generates redistributable visualizations, share your project and make presentations.
  • Library explorer: import models, create and edit materials, import textures.
  • The 3D engine: preview visualization as a virtual walk, take screenshots, record paths and movies.

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