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September 2012 Exam
« on: Sep 18, 2012, 09:28 PM »

Answer all questions.
Note: No calculator or any electronic devices.
TIME:1hour 30mins.


1. If a Witch marries an Armed Robber and give birth to a prostitute, who ll stay home at night?

2. What are the Names of the 2 people holding hands when U switch on a nokia phone?

3. If the past tense of take is took, what is the past tense of make?

4. I have a dream is to Luther King, as I av no shoes is to?

5. What's the plural form of Zaphaneth Paneah?

6. Which University in your country has the highest number of ladies who cAn travel a 2km journey on foot?

7. If Tinubu is a friend to Obasanjo on facebook, then who sent the friend request?

Attempt all questions:

1. Differentiate between Do or Die and All die be die!

2. Using the almighty formulae, calculate the diameter of Kanji dam[take pie=3.142]

3. If your X-boyfriend/girlfriend wins 5million Dollars immediately after U broke up..then find the value of x...I repeat find x.

4a. If Ida is a girl and Bello is a boy, who's Idabello?
b. If Pra is a river and Bosomtwe is a lake, then who is Pra-Bosomtwe?..

GOODLUCK..Start work now...:

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September 2012 Exam
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