Author Topic: FCT College of Education Zuba Official Website Hacked!  (Read 5305 times)


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The official website of the FCT College of Education, Zuba has been hacked. As at the time of this publication, the hacker is in control. The hacker has changed the college name from "FCT College of Education, Zuba" to "WAKE UP NIGERIA SAY NO TO COLONIALISM".

The inscriptions in the News Information sections read thus:

HELLO NIGERIA I AM FROM TURKEY AND I WANT TO SAY TO YOU THAT SAY NO COLONIAL ( geri düzeltmek çok uğraştırır kusura bakmayın nijeryalılar) SÖMÜRGECİLİĞE HAYIR DE . . ....... i will not change a important information in this websiite


HACKED BY 17 YEARS OLD TURKISH FOR ANTI COLONIAL SAY GO TO FRANCE say no to colorism i am sory excuse me i hacked this web site :( excuse me please I LOVE NIGERIA.

Please visit the college website [] and see the screenshot below to confirm this information. I hope the college administrators will see to it in time.

Click to enlarge

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