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Read This And Be Blessed
« on: Sep 23, 2012, 07:45 AM »
DOING AND LET US PRAY!!! (just 2 minute)
Almighty Father creator
of Heaven and earth and
everything in between,
We humbly come before you
with thanks giving in our hearts, asking for your never ending mercy. We
lift your name on high, above
any name that has ever
existed, our father and creator, we ask you to
bless , protect and to pour
your supernatural favor
upon us, our children,
spouses and
friends. God we ask you today for
divine.interven tion in our
lives, we ask for your
touch in all areas of our
lives, be it
a new job, promotion,freed om from
debt, rebuilding of our
relationships with our
spouses and friends. Father any situation you
touch, we believe it can
never remain the same.
Father in heaven, let your
will be done
in our lives as your decision in our lives isthe
best and will always be
the best, please send
double portions an
ointings and blessings in
the quickest time to the person who will like/
this.. as your name is
being worshiped and
glorified by multitudes.
God is going to shift
things around for you
today and let things work
in your favor. If you
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Re: Read This And Be Blessed
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l say a big "AMEN" to the prayer!

Re: Read This And Be Blessed
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In whose name do u pray, i don't pray ignorant prayers, its a waste of time.