Author Topic: 6 warning signs that you are married living single (Marriage Advice)  (Read 560 times)

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Six warning signs that you are married living single:

1. You and your spouse living are separate bedrooms.

2. You both have few friends in common.

3. You both do your finances separately. You have “his” and “her” bank accounts and you don’t know where your spouse’s money is going. “Where your treasure is, so is your heart”.

4. You both worship separately, not attending the same church, mosque or small group.

5. You find yourself wanting to be alone or with other people more often than desiring to be with your spouse.

6. You and your spouse are seldom physically intimate.

If we look at this list, we may have one or two areas where we are living single. Use it as an opportunity to get closer to your spouse. If you have 3 or more of these areas, then take immediate action, whether it is talking to your spouse, another couple together, or professional counselors.

Your marriage is worth the fight!

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