Author Topic: A Cry For Help! We Are Harassed By Lecturers: Crutech Female Students  (Read 866 times)


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SOS: A Cry for Help. CRUTECH Lecturers Molesting Female Students- Said Crutech Students
More than 1950 female students of Cross River University of Technology ( CRUTECH ) have come out in their thousands to protests over the alleged harassment from their Male Lecturers.                             
According to the female students of Crutech, they Lecturers s e * u a l l y harass them, molestation them and extort money (if money is not readily available) they pay “in kind”.                                           
crutech students protest the Cross River State University of Technology, Crutech placards, they blocked traffic at Eleven-Eleven Bus Stop on their wayto the Government House, in Calabar.       
     Below are the inscriptions of the placards carried by students,
* s e * u a l l y harassment of female students
* Female molestation
* Extortion of money from students
* No better CRUTECH , No better Cross River
* CRUTECH no good lecture hall’
* Our Lecturers are Dogs… and lot more.                                                   
   crutech students harassed by lecturers                                             
The Students Union Government, president of the institution, Mr Ekong Eka, was not happy and he accused the state govt. of neglecting the students of CRUTECH … He told the press that, 2 months ago, some groups of government officials visited the institutionto tell them that the cross rivers state government has made arrangements to pay them bursary. Until now, the students are yetto see any update on this ‘Fly’ promises.                                   
The Crutech Managements are yet to voice their opinion on these allegations leveled against its lecturers by the students.                                                                             Probably the ‘heads’ are the defaulters?
This is not new in Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics, everyday Lecturers s e * u a l l y harass the female students,            (though some female students who live high-life in school, they don’t read, they don’t write their test, they don’t do their term paper/assignments, they seek this lecturers out to ask for a pass, which in return they pay with their bodies willingly- we are not talking about this group.).               
This Lecturers should be brought to book! Infact, you won’t understand until you are a student.                                               
We are proud of the students of Cross River University of Technology, for coming out!
The Federal government and National Universities Commission should come to the rescue of this students. (or is the business of the NUC to constantly shut-down universities? Part-time programme? Private universities? Adding more troubles? Or trying to protect the education standards of Nigerian Universities?)                 
Please Good Nigerian Students, Use the share buttons below to share this news withour friends on twitter and facebook, perhap we might draw the interest of someone who can help re-structure Nigerian Universities.

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