Author Topic: Strange Beast Allegedly Killed In Madonna University Elele Campus?  (Read 1257 times)


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News making it round the country has thrown parents whose children/wards are inMadonna University into fear as a strange Beast (picture shown) was reportedly killed in the school.
According to reports reaching Myschool® from the school hostels, a student informed us that they could not sleep last night in fear of the strange animals.
Adding to the report, another student reported that the Beast were seen three (3) in number. The smaller one was killed, which attracted the bigger animal in revenge.
As we write, students are afraid as most part of the school is covered by bush and no one knows the point of attack.
We use this medium to plead with relevant authorities to intervene, figure out the truth behind this story and take actions where necessary.
Such occurrence also calls for total environmental cleaning of various school campuses in this country. Life is invaluable and we have to safeguard it.

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