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New Method Of Treating Cancer Discovered In Nigeria
« on: Sep 27, 2012, 07:42 PM »
The President of the African University of Science and Technology (AUST), Abuja, Professor Wole Soboyejo, has disclosed that research in new methods for the treatment of cancer has reached an advanced stage, compared to the treatment of the disease through chemotherapy.

Soboyejo unveiled this yesterday at the opening ceremony of a five-day workshop on Nanomedicine and Bio-Micro-Electrical Systems (BIOMEMS) organised by the Federal University of Technology, Minna in collaboration with AUST.

The new method of treatment would give room for early detection.

According to him, the new method of treatment will have little or no side effect on the patients, adding that unlike chemotherapy, the medicine is selective, saying when administered, it goes direct to the region of the disease unlike the present form of treatment which must go through all the blood vessels before attacking the area of the disease.

He added that the new method is cost effective as patients need not take large number of dosages of the medicine before it could go round the body to have impact on the affected part.

According to him, research for the new treatment had started eight years ago and had proven to be effective after testing it on animals adding that it would soon be tested on human beings.

He however said administering the new treatment has to be through injection.

He added that the workshop was conducted with the aim of bringing the young scholars and scientists on board for their contribution for research work on BIOMEMS.

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New Method Of Treating Cancer Discovered In Nigeria
« on: Sep 27, 2012, 07:42 PM »