Author Topic: Update: Over 100 People Arrested Over MubiPoly Massacre  (Read 429 times)


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   Security agencies said they have arrested over 100 suspects, including some students of the Federal Polytechnic, Mubi , over the k i l l ing of at least 30 students of the school on Monday, 1st October 2012.
   The Adamawa State Police Command did not make public the identities of people arrested, they said not all the people who were arrested are guilty or are directly connected with the crime.
   The Adamawa State Police said innocent people who are arrested will be released soon.
   A security agent told the media that majority of people k i l l e d were students of the Federal Polytechnic, Mubi who recently won executive posts in the students’ union government (SUG) election.
   Many of the victims who were k i l l e d are called by their names before they are s h o t.
   Adamawa State Police said Investigation intothe k i l l ing is still in progress.

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