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Job Title: Value Expansion Manager

Job Reference: VEM 01

Location: Nigeria

Department: Sales

Company: Dragnet Solutions Limited (Dragnet Nigeria)

Position Summary

The Value Expansion Manager reports to the Head of Client Engagement and Communications and is responsible for establishing the company’s client retention strategy and leading all aspects of the company’s activities with all our existing clients aimed at: 1.Strengthening our presence and profile

2.Increasing the range of services we offer

3.Deepening the client’s level of dependence on ourservices

4.Raising barriers to competition

The individual will be responsible for the creation, planning and successful execution of our retention strategy as well as continuous follow up for a range of retention campaigns.

Skills required:

The role  requires abroad range of capabilities as follows:

1.Business development skills

2.Project management skills

3.Software/Application business analyst

4.Presentation and communication

5.Client service

Summary Responsibilities:

1.To create and sell a dream. To envision a possible “wow” reality for our clients and work with them to make that world a reality.

2.To constantly seek opportunities for Technology lock in by being part of the client’s process and ensuring that their activities are carried out using our technology.

3.To drive for greater levels of integration by achieving a deeper understanding of the client’s policies, procedures and systems and determining ways whereby we can create bespoke offerings that integrate offerings with their way of working.

a.To develop value added services such as review project, benchmark studies, value analysis, joint seminars and workshops etc. that allow us more share of mind space.

b.To lead our communication efforts to our existing clients in the following areas:

c.Standards and operating procedures

d.New products and services

e.New developments that could either be beneficial to the client or has the potential to raise our profile in the eyes of our clients

4.Strengthening retention by focusing on the needs of the client and offering superior client care and interest in the client.

5.To work with the Client Care Unit, Communications Unit, Operations Department, Technology and Development Department to develop,coordinate and sustain a client-focused attitude toward our activities with our clients.

Minimum Requirements:

1. A minimum of 4 years  experience as a Software Analyst or in Technology Consulting.

2. Ability to sell Technology solutions.

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