Author Topic: BBC Interviews The Fathers Of The 4 Uniport Students murder By Aluu Community  (Read 960 times)


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   BBC has interviews the fathers of Aluu 4 murder victims. The Students of the University of Port Harcourt who were gruesomely murdered by Aluu Community in Rivers State.
   The Interview will show you how good those kids were, the aluu community has fled their community and it can be liken to a desert.
    Download and listen to the Interview.
    BBC interviews the fathers of Aluu 4 murdered victims, download the it
    Take note of the followings:
* FileType: mp3
* FileSize: 23.38MB
   Those kids belong to lovely families that the whole lots of aluu community sentenced them to death.
    Beware of Aluu Village: The Abominable Land That Eats Men
The Day The Sun Wept At Aluu – Dedicated To 4 Uniport Students…
    May the souls of this kids find rest. Amen.

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