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Food for thought - Who is Smarter?
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A man was traveling in his car along Ughelli-Asaba express road. He sited a huge bush meat hanging on a stick and decided to buy it. He stopped and priced; Madam, how much is your bush meat?. The woman replied; Oga na N7000. The man exclaimed; Haba madam, e too cost na, how much you go sell am last?. The woman said; Oga, bring 6,500. The man then said; ok, go put am for inside my boot.

The woman went behind the car saying in her mind; If this man open the boot, i go drop the bush meat for ground go collect my money. The man also had ulterior motive in his mind.

Immediately the boot was open, the woman put the bush meat on the ground and closed the boot without putting the bush meat inside. The man sped off without paying the woman.

Who is Smarter?

Re: Food for thought - Who is Smarter?
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l think both the man and the woman are foolish. LOL...