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The Truth: The Four Uniport Students are not Criminals, they were Set Up- Inspector General of Police
Finally, the 4 Students of The University of Port Harcourt who were Gruesomely murdered by the Indigene of Aluu Community has been cleared, the Inspector General of Police said they were not thieves, they are not criminals, they were just set up…
The Inspector General of police, Mohammed Abubakar , said today 15th October that the four UNIPORT students lynched by an irate mob in Aluu community on 5th October, were not armed robbers.
In a statement released by the IGP , he said investigations conducted by the police so farrevealed that Tekena, Llyod, Ugonna and Chiadika had gone to Aluu that fateful morning to demand for money allegedly owed to them by a guy named Coxson Lelebori Lucky, A.K.A ‘Bright’, (He is currently at large) and it was Bright who raised a falsealarm that they were armed robbers.
Yes, that is the truth why those innocent boys were paraded in the whole community and later taken to the bori pit where they were beaten and later burnt alive.
When all this was going on, Coxson Lelebori Lucky knows fully well that they are not criminal, he was able to stand and watch innocent people killed on his account? without a second thought? #Gwad!
Uniport 4
The Inspector General of Police (IGP) also said in the statement that Coxson Lelebori Lucky a.K.a Bright has disappeared into tiny air, but he promised to track him down.
The statement mentioned 4 suspects as being directly involved in the killing.
They names of the suspects are:
* Chigozie Samuel Evans,
* Felemo Solomon,
* Cynthia Chinwo, and
* Ozioma Abajuo.
They report said that the Aluu community chief, Alhaji Hassan Welewa was the one who give the mob the order to unleash untold pains on the young boys.
Whatelse, do we need to justify that the people of aluu community are complete illiterates? The Chief inclusive, how can you ordered the killing of four innocent boys without hearing their story? coin has two side, not one? I hope they people involved inthis will never sleep in peace. The spirits of the Four boys will haunt you all.
Now that the truth is out, how do the community members feel after destroying the lives of four innocent, energetic and aspiring young men, whose future contributions to the country, might have made a big difference? Where are those people who were running their filthy mouths that these guys were thieves?
Jungle Justice is NEVER the right way to punish anyone – even if he/she was caught in the act.
I can imagine no parent would want to havea son or daughter-in-law from that community again.
That name ALUU has just earned itself a stigma that won’t easily be wiped off that community.
ILLITERACY IS BAD ! May the souls of those innocent boys rest in peace.
One word for Coxson Lelebori Lucky also known as Bright, no matter how long you hide, you will never hide forever… There is no peace for the wicked.

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