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Are you tired of retyping the same phrases or cutting and pasting to fill in your reports and repetitive emails?

PhraseExpander gives you a break!

With PhraseExpander, you can create a library with your frequently used texts, and instantly recall them by typing an abbreviation in any application. For example, type FYI and “For your information” will be instantly inserted. PhraseExpander will also autocorrect your spelling mistakes in any application.

The built-in Clipboard History gives you instant access to the last items you copied into the Clipboard. You can also use PhraseExpander to launch your favorite applications and websites, and to perform web searches. You will look cool with your friends when they see entire paragraphs appear on the screen as if by magic…

Main features include:
  • Easy-to-use and modern interface.
  • Video tutorials and predefined phrases to get you started (and more available to download for free).
  • Convenient built-in Testpad to test your phrases fast and easily.
  • Clipboard History to quickly access the last items copied into the clipboard.
  • Powerful built-in macro language.
  • Insert your text snippets in plain text or rich text.
  • Trigger you phrases by typing an abbreviation or hotkey.
  • Launch your favorite applications and websites by typing the short in any application.
  • Use PhraseExpander to search websites like Amazon, Youtube, Wikipedia.
  • Easily migrate your existing snippets from other applications.
  • You can trust us: we have been helping small businesses and big companies since 2006.
Win PhraseExpander Professional:

By requesting your free license of PhraseExpander Standard, you can win a license of PhraseExpander Professional ($140 value).

Request your free license of PhraseExpander

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