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Facebook is gradually becoming the 'cyber barometer' to gauge the blood pressure of fellow Nigerians both at home and in diaspora.

It is an avenue to win more fiends than friends.

It is also a platform to 'vuvuzela' the 'impossibilities'.

It is a unique place where some friends that always click 'like' at your updates are not really your loyal friends. No art to see the construction of the heart from the face but Facebook is a special place to really determine the contents of some people's hearts through their contributions to serious issues.

Facebook is like a market place,you would meet the normal,abnormal and semi-normal kinds of buyers and sellers.

Facebook, where 'friendly enemies' are using to monitor your movement through the uploaded photos and comments from close friends or family members.

Facebook is a platform to lampoon the foibles of those people privileged to be in power without personal soul-searching that these leaders were once ordinary members of our rotten society.

Facebook is an integral part of this digital revolution. Pretenders, hypocrites, extremists and blackmailers shall continue to mingle with the good people of this world on Facebook.

Do I need to say more?

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