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Only In Nigeria!
« on: Oct 29, 2012, 07:37 AM »
Only in Nigeria
Leaders are gods
Stealing is legal to a few, a crime to the rest
Only here that a political thief is s Called a petty thief

Only in Delta state that elections are won in court after tenure expiration
Victor is vanquished
No one bath an eyelid
For it is normal

Only in Nigeria
That being honest is a stigma
Not looting is being indolent
Only a mad man serves the public without stealing public funds
Being a thief catcher is working against the law

Only in Nigeria
Where Bankole is near innocent
And Aluu 4 are guilty
Abacha's loot can fly to farm otta
While the airforce is grounded

Only in Nigeria
Where committees' budget compete with state budget
Where we have ten tiers of committee
Just to check if Mr president's dinner is safe
Where the budget for refreshment is more than the entire budget for the Ministry of Agriculture in a flood disaster year

Only in Nigeria that
The ministry of justice run out of money to prosecute criminals
But there is enough to be 'Misappropriated'
The criminals walk free
And the innocent rots in prisons

Only in Nigeria
That you have this list;
Ibori not guilty
Igbenedion is clean
Odili no presidency, clean
Elumelu power probe musical
Faroukgate in coma
Otedollar a police investigator
Obj a BRT bus hijacker
Senator shares sallah rams for BH

Yes the same Boko The Sunday Menace

Only in Nigeria
We say Thank God there was no bomb blast this Sunday

Only in Nigeria
The premium on lives is as cheap as a box of match

Only in Nigeria
Where else will you find 160 million helpless people?

Only in the geographic/demographic enclave called Nigeria!

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Only In Nigeria!
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