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Did Baba Suwe Lie About His Health?


Babatunde-Omidina-300x188A week ago, Nollywood actor and film-maker, Yomi Fabiyi took to social media to say Babatunde Omidina, popularly known as Baba Suwe, is currently going through tough health situations as a result of the ‘torture done on him by NDLEA five years ago.’

Shortly after Fabiyi’s social media post, we reached out to Baba Suwe for comments and he shrugged it off, saying, ‘my health is perfectly fine, I don’t want anybody to worry about me, a lot of people have been calling me about the issue all day.’

He added that, ‘what Yomi put out is a very old story. I don’t want to talk about the issue any more please ignore it.’

The matter is however yet to die down. Not long after, Yomi Fabiyi put out a couple of videos to explain his initial post, saying, ‘Baba Suwe will never attack me publicly, he is a veteran, legend and a father. If he has any issue with what I am doing, he will call me. Don’t create what is not there. Don’t read meaning to his words. We spoke last 1:34pm yesterday. Those calling him to misrepresent facts and motives are not helping either of us.’


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