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Chief Dele Momodu with President Muhammadu Buhari

Dele Momodu writes another Open Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari

Please, I beg you… don't run for a second term. Go home with your honour intact. Those politicians asking you to run again are...
Lt General Tukur Yusuf Buratai

Opinion: Lt General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, a Quintessential Gentleman and a Soldier’s Soldier

"The most important thing I learned is that soldiers watch what their leaders do. You can give them classes and lecture them forever, but...
Nigeria Restructuring

Re: Facts and Fallacies in the ‘Restructuring’ Conversation – Olalekan Adigun

Man is really in an ambiguous position in nature. Nature presents to him (gender neutral) series of paradoxes and puzzles he is expected to...
Yemi Osinbajo and Muhammadu Buhari

President Buhari And The People Of The Lie

So dry bones could still rise again? So corpses do walk? So “spot diagnosis” that can spot the dead from a far without medical...
Nigeria Transport Minister Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi

Rotimi Amaechi: The Man Ahead Of His Time And His Audacity (2)

“I never knew that writing on Amaechi as a man ahead of his time can be this tasking and assiduous. I have tried to...
Joe Igbokwe and Nnamdi Kanu

The Story of Joe Igbokwe, Nnamdi Kanu And The Emperor’s New Clothes

The story is told of an Emperor whose obsession with clothes is second to none. His love for clothes was so much that he...
President Muhammadu Buhari, Nnamdi Kanu and Deji Omoshola

Restoration of Biafra and the Social Contract Restructuring

The article titled 'Biafra Restoration and the Social Contract Restructuring' written by Omoshola Deji is a piece that theoretically dissects the subsistence of Nigeria as...
Ehiedu Iweriebor, PhD, professor of history in the Department of Africana and Puerto, Rican/Latina Studies, Hunter College, City University of New York, USA

Industrialization and Diversification by Public and Private Sector Synergy can Lead to Nigerian Economic...

Nigerian Economic Recovery through Industrialization and Diversification by Public and Private Sector Synergy - Ehiedu Iweriebor The current economic crisis and recession in Nigeria has brought...
Nigeria and Nigerians People Waving Nigerian Flags

55 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Nigeria and Nigerians

Do you know that? You will be shocked to find out that you do not know about Nigeria and Nigerians. Read these 55 historical facts...
Federal Republic of Nigeria Travel Passport Old International Passport

Acclaimed Islamisation of Nigeria: Religious Alarmists are Poor Students of History Who Deliberately Refuse...

I found this piece written by a concern citizen and thought of sharing with you. In my view, I think Nigerians should have a...