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PDP’s Ademola Adeleke and APC’s Gboyega Oyetola with Analyst Omoshola Deji

Osun 2018 Guber Rerun Election: Foretelling The Governor-Elect – Omoshola Deji

Osun State is presently Nigeria’s political fireworks capital. The incumbent All Progressives Congress (APC) and the winning Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are in a...
A typical construction accident

How to Avoid Being Injured in a Construction Accident – And What To Do...

If you work at a construction site or you're visiting a site for any reason, you know that safety is important. A construction accident...
Personal Injury Cases

In Black and White: The Right Way to Collect Evidence for Your Personal Injury...

While it may not be the first thing on your mind immediately following a personal injury, collecting evidence in the first few days following...
Trends in Poverty by Nigerian Geo-Political Zones

Implication of Nigeria’s Extreme Poverty Status on The Sustainable Development Goals

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May’s poverty remark about Nigeria sparked a conversation of conflicting views across the country, but the fact remains that...
INEC Ballot Bag

Osun Guber Polls: The Real Issue At Stake – Abdulahi Waliyu

The drumbeat of electoral campaign is gradually dominating the airwave in Osun State. Political candidates daily propagate their usual promises. Voters expectedly will be...
World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day: Faustinus calls for Concerted Efforts to Safeguard Victims, Aid Workers

Nwaorgu Faustinus, online media aide to Chief Eze, the erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New PDP (nPDP) has urged world government to...
Business Travelers' Well-Being on the Road

Business Travelers’ Well-Being on the Road

It can be fun and exciting to travel for business. But, if you often go on business trips, it can be frustrating or stressful....
Dollar photo club business

Five Tips That Could Save Your Failing Business

Never thought that your business could fail? Unfortunately, business failure is a reality! Any business venture is risky. However, there are ways of saving...
Personal Injury Cases

Lasting Consequences: Are Burns Classified as Personal Injury Cases?

When you are injured due to a fire or extreme circumstance that results in burns to your body, it can be painful both physically...
Kayode Fayode and Kolapo Olusola with Omoshola Deji

Foretelling the Outcome of Ekiti 2018 Governorship Election

Democracy is basically the right of the governed to elect who governs. The people of Ekiti State, Southwest, Nigeria will not be an exception...