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Michael Jackson Is Forbes’ Highest-Paid Dead Celebrity


Michael-jackson15Seven years after his death and late Michael Jackson is still raking in the cash!

Forbes has just revealed the late King Of Pop earned a whooping $825 million this year alone.

According to Forbes, Jackson has generated so much revenue following his estate’s decision to sell his half-share of the Beatles catalogue to Sony for $750 million. The star had purchased the rights to Beetle’s music back in 1984 for $47.5 million and then sold 50 percent of it to Sony in 1995 for $115 million.

His remaining share was sold to Sony in March this year.

Following Michael is cartoonist and Peanuts creator late Charles Schulz who died in 2000 with $48 million.

Here’s the full list below:
10. Bettie Page – $11 million
9. Albert Einstein – $11.5 million
8. John Lennon – $12 million
7. Theador Geiel “Dr. Seuss” – $20 million
6. Bob Marley – $21 million
5. Prince – $25 million
4. Elvis Presley – $27 million
3. Arnold Palmer – $40 million
2. Charles Schulz – $48 million
1. Michael Jackson – $825 million


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