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My High School Crush Led Me To Music – Tiwa Savage


tiwa-savage-looks-flawless-for-mavin2-600x600Nigerian pop star, Tiwa Savage was recently featured in New York’s VIBE Magazine.

In a very interesting interview, the new Roc Nation star revealed for the first time how her high school crush made her fall in love with music.

According to Tiwa Savage, ‘I played trombone. Don’t ask me if I still play (laughs), but I literally picked it up because I had a crush on a boy in high school. He used to hang around with the cool kids, the musicians and dancers’.

She continues, ‘Here I was: this kid fresh from Nigeria, strong accent, my mom shaved my hair off. I tried to get his attention. I went to this music teacher and said that I really wanted to do music. He looked to the corner of the room and said the trombone was the only instrument left. I picked it up, but eventually got bullied for it because it was always getting in the way on the bus. That was having the opposite effect of what I wanted because this guy’s now laughing at me instead of falling in love with me. So, I gave up and joined the choir‘.


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