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Halima Abubakar – “I Wanted To Commit Suicide Because I Had No Money”


Forgive me, but I don’t why I just don’t feel Halima.

Anyways, the not so talented, forgotten actress, Halima, in a recent interview with Punch, opened up on the main reason why she wanted to commit suicide.

Halima said it was because she was broke and emotionally broken.

Halima told Punch that, “There were a lot of things that were wrong with me and led to my depression. I was angry, broke, people lied against me and they were also using my name to lie. I was deceived by the people I loved. I was seriously broke at the time and I had lots of responsibilities.”

“There were many charity projects I was involved in and I was doing everything with my money. Everything just got to me at the same time and I felt fed-up. I wanted to kill myself because there was nobody to help me. It happened two years ago and it also occurred last year. I thank God I did not kill myself because I realised that nothing is worth it. I was upset with myself when I got back to my senses because the people you want to kill yourself for do not really care about you. It was a terrible phase in my life,”

When asked about the contribution of her boyfriend to her life, she said “He was not helping matters. I wanted somebody that would listen and not say that I was lying or exaggerating the extent of what I was going through. Whenever I tell him I am sad, he wants to give me money but it is not all about money all the time.
“Yes, I said I was broke but it was not only about money. I was broken emotionally. If there is no hope, I feel I am broken. I needed a listening ear. The definition of broke is relative but Nigerians think it is only about money. Money was also involved. The first major problem I had was money; then I was also emotionally broken,”


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