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Video: Pharrell Williams “Freedom”

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After Pharrell Williams first released his powerful new single “Freedom”, the globetrotting, beautifully photographed music video for the track has officially arrived. The Paul Hunter-directed video initially premiered when Pharrell first dropped “Freedom” on Apple Music, but today, the music video debuted for the masses.

In the video, Pharrell sings and dances to his track in various locations where freedom is stifled, whether it’s a sweatshop, a work camp or locations that show conformity handcuff our freedom of expression and individuality, like a dilapidated shopping mall.

The video is also packed with plenty of imagery that evokes the feeling of being free, from horses stampeding on an open range and two women running naked on a mountainside to birds soaring in the air and countless breathtaking and expansive views.

Freedom” also recreates one of the pursuits of freedom’s most lasting moments – the protestor at Tiananmen Square – in Lego fashion, juxtaposing that image with footage of Muhammad Ali sparring.

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