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Blac Chyna’s Mum Has A Sex Tape

blac chynaBlac Chyna might have more drama than she already has with her ex Tyga, as there are new claims that her mother has a sex tape that just dropped!

Her mom, Shalana Hunter certainly has no problems being naked, as she was a well-known stripper back in the day who went by the stage name “Tokyo Toni,” and from the booty in the video that just surfaced, it’s clear that if it’s her, we can see where Blac gets her famous backside from!

“Toni has since left that lifestyle behind her, but people keep dragging her back in. Someone just leaked some very EMBARRASSING videos of Chyna’s mom, doing her thing back in the 1990s,” Mediatakeout reported, along with three clips of the sex tape where she’s bare naked and graphically pleasuring herself set to porno-themed music.

The video is a sex tape of chyna’s mother naked and doing all kinds of things to herself.


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