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Prince Once Kicked Kim Kardashian Off Stage

Kim Kardashian hype hairDid you know Prince, who passed on April 21 at age 57, once kicked off his fan, Kim Kardashian off his stage when she couldn’t do what he asked her to do?

A recent video released April 22 shows Kardashian had a notable run-in with the late music icon during his 2011 concert at Madison Square Garden. Prince brought the reality star on stage and then kicked her off because she wouldn’t dance!

In the clip, Prince, in a glamorous all gold outfit, started showing off his moves in front of Kim. That was Prince’s way of saying it’s cool to get down and boogie on stage, but Kim was just too nervous to move! When Kim wouldn’t budge, Prince yelled, “Get off the stage!”

“I was so nervous, I froze when Prince touched me!” she added.

Prince later gave Kim a second chance at redemption on stage. “Went up on stage AGAIN!” she tweeted again. “This time I redeemed myself. We all danced while Prince played the piano! Wow! What a night!”

Wow, what a moment to have experienced with Prince….are you jealous?


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