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Politicians Must Take Leadership Seriously – Majid Michel


majid michealGhanaian actor, Majid Michel has charged politicians and everyone in power to embrace the true purpose of the calling as heads by being good leaders.

Michel, who has been dishing on quite a number of topics including devotion to God said this in a comment posted on his Instagram.

This also coincides with a period when Ghana is getting ready for its general elections.

He wrote, “Winning an election does not mean u are a Leader. it means you are a politician. if you are ordained as a pastor does not mean you can lead a church.”

“LEADERSHiP is not a right. it’s a privilege. And it’s a privilege given to you by the followers. And if the followers don’t know how to identify with good and effective Leaders, then we will continue to have mediocrity in Leadership. #LEADERSHiP.”

The actor is quite a popular entertainment figure in his home country, Ghana.

He started gaining prominence when he featured in the youth centric series, “Things We Do For Love” playing the character, ‘Shaker’.

Some popular movies of his include “30 Days in Atlanta” (2014), “The Mad Man I Love” (2015) and many others.


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