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Uche Jombo Shuts Body Shamers Up


uche-Jombo-1Months after calling fans out for calling her fat, Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo has never looked this good!

The talented mother-of-one then revealed she was working on her weight, and shouldn’t be made to feel bad for it, has shared new photos of herself and she looks fit for days.

In these new photos Uche Jombo looks super toned and hot! Apparently, Uche has been hitting the gym hard and her hard work seems to be paying off.

The 32-year-old actress showed off her slinky new curves for the gram on Instagram, October 16, 2016.

Recall that several months ago, Uche penned an open letter to her fans revealing how their body-shaming comments were hurtful and tiring. “I usually won’t do this but it’s getting kind of tiring with the Ýou are FAT comments here, please I have mirrors in my house.” she wrote.

“This is the BODY #iloveIt #dealwithit now let’s us all go and worry about important things…trust me there are so many things that you should worry about..my BODY is not one of them,” she added.

This new photos clearly show Uche has definitely come a long way!

You go girl!


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