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Falz And Simi Keep Flaunting Irresistible Chemistry

Falz-Promo-Photo-61-180x300These days, mainstream music is made for the market, and artistry is sacrificed on the altar of all that is commercial and watered down for profit. Rarely does artistry and the business behind it mix in equal proportion.

And that is why new EP ‘Chemistry’ is important. It is essentially old school; a throwback to that era of pure artistry that we miss and pine for. It is like a window to a world where purity and excellence exist and the world is bathed in perfectionism and goodness. A world where unicorns run free, and a crystal-clear fountain runs through it, bearing creativity and all the nourishment that the soul needs to be at one with nature.

And how did this all start? Simi and Falz operated at a breath-taking wavelength on ‘Jamb Question’, and sealed their chemistry on ‘Soldier’.

Calls for a joint project were deafening and here we are with “Chemistry” EP; a meta-titled 7-track project that is a sensitive and accomplished zenith of the Falz-Simi collaboration. ‘Chemistry’, serves as a sequel to all of their collaboration last December with Simi’s voice presciently present.

“I’m foreign baby oh” begins the opening track’s antagonistic glam overture on this recording, delivered in call and response, with both stars’ musical touch constantly evident in the imaginative treatments of the verses.

All the tracks come down with love-itis, although with different emotions captured and delivered – ‘Want to’ and ‘Show You Pepper’, which morphs from breathy, emotion-powered spaces are opposites and convincing. Invention leads this EP, with everything crafted to create a balance of their strengths.

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‘Cinderella’ becomes a whelming Afrobeat call, and the title track (Chemistry) is a minimalist frenzy of the classic Simi. This is where she holds out and delivers a power recording while dovetailing with Falz on this pleasurable ballad.


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