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Coutinho Praises Neymar

Coutinho was asked about the Barcelona forward in a news conference before the game, which takes place on Tuesday.

It comes just three days after Neymar said Coutinho would “totally fit” at the Camp Nou, when asked which Premier League player he would like to see at Barca.

“Look, Neymar is a outstanding as we can all see,” Coutinho said. “He is a player that decides key games, a guy that is fundamental on our team.

“We have been together for a long time, since we played together at youth level. Playing next to him is easy, he can change the game easily.

“We give the ball to him and he solves the problem!”

Brazil are cruising to World Cup qualification and will expect to pick up another three points — and their ninth win in a row under the leadership of Tite — against struggling Paraguay. It follows a stunning 4-1 win against Uruguay in Montevideo on Thursday, in which Paulinho scored a hat trick.

“Of course, it is really cool to see that everyone is with us,” Coutinho said. “Obviously everyone is following Tite’s work — he is doing a great job. So this just makes us more confident.

“As you saw in the stadium, there was a lot of positive energy. So it’ is really good for us.”


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