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Ali Baba Is Considering Politics


The Godfather of Nigerian comedy, Ali Baba has spoken about if and when he will delve into Nigerian politics.

Ali Baba, is one of Nigeria’s greatest stand-up comedians whose professional career spans over 22 years. The veteran comedian is also known for constantly voicing out his opinion on societal, economic and religious issues.

He was spoken to at Generally Speaking 2.0 and he discussed politics and his stance on Big Brother Nigeria.

It’s obvious you are well-versed in politics, are you considering contesting for a political position anytime soon? No, not with the political dynamics as it is. The political climate in Nigeria is still perforated with a lot of electoral malpractices. And it discourages people who have clean plans to run because people get in there with fraudulent means and so until it’s a clean field, I am not considering.

If someone was to give you an appointment, would you accept it? A political appointment would not be bad but then again it would be something that I have vision to achieve. If you give me an appointment just for the sake of it, then it would not make sense. But if you give me an appointment where you know that I can make a difference and I will have a free hand to do what I need to do, yes I will take it.

Who were you rooting for to win? Since Thin Tall Tony was out, Efe.


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