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A Policeman Smashed My Eye With A Gun – Charly Boy


Charly boyControversial Nigerian entertainer Charly Boy has spoken up about how he was brutalized at the Abuja protest yesterday, Tuesday, August 8, 2017.

In a phone interview with Punch, he spoke about the protest organized at the Unity Fountain in Abuja by a coalition of civil society organisations.

The coalition known as the Concerned Nigerians asked peacefully that the President resign. The protesters were attacked by anti-riot policemen with tear gas and water cannons. Charly Boy claims he was hit with the bottom of a rifle on his eye.

“We were not even up to 10 people that set out for the Unity Fountain,” said Charly Boy. “When we got there, we met close to 200 policemen. Initially, they tried to stop us from going further. But we explained to them that ours would be a peaceful demonstration. I gave them the assurance that we were not going to anywhere else and the protest would not be hijacked by hoodlums.”

He also added “Before we knew it, they started with the water cannon. Then they tear-gassed us and set their dogs against us. Worried, I went to one of the policemen who was standing near me and asked him why they resorted to such action. Instead of responding to me, he suddenly raised the butt of his gun and hit me in the eye.”

Charly Boy was quickly rushed to the hospital for treatment.


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