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Fans Blast Jay-Z For Kanye West


jayThey’re two of hip hop’s best-selling artists with plenty of hit records and a larger fanbase than Manchester City.

Though after watching the British documentary Public Enemies – Jay-Z vs Kanye on Channel 4 on Monday night, fans took to Twitter to accuse New York rapper Jay-Z of ‘using’ his former friend.

The Channel 4 film followed the friendship turned feud between hip-hop’s brightest stars, which left viewers divided on their where their heart lies.

And after seeing things clearly about the backgrounds of music royalty, lots of viewers appeared to be sympathetic to the Chicago rapper ahead of Jay-Z.

Seen as an exposé of their turbulent relationship, the TV show asked childhood friends to a glimpse into what both men were like growing up.

In one such scene, Kanye’s childhood friend Eugene McNair showed audiences the rapper’s bedroom where they all used to record tracks together.

Opening the door to a messy room, still littered with musical equipment and posters of famous rappers, Eugene explained what the ‘lab’ was like during those formative musical years.

‘We went to his crib, he had all this African s*** throughout the house, he had crates of records everywhere, he had an extensive porno collection, he had fresh clothes.’

There was no disputing that the duo were destined for greatness, but it was Jay-Z who acted in a mentor role to get Kanye to the top.


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