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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Launches His Own Mobile Game


Zlatan IbrahimovicSweden legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic is up to something as usual.

Ibrahimovic has announced the launch of the mobile action game with an advert which shows him in an animated form wearing a robot suit.

The advert begins with a slow zoom out from a close-up of the suit which expands to show Ibrahimovic in a robot suit.

“I thought there were no challenges left,” Ibrahimovic’s voice says in the background.

“That’s when they came – a new game, new rules and a new rival.

“Someone I know very well. On this day, the universe will know there is only one Zlatan,” he added as the shot expands to show him in a robot suit.

The game called ‘Zlatan Legends will be released on August 17.


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