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Is Bill English A Fan Of “Prison Break”?


wentworthOne of the most surprising statements made at the Newshub Leaders Debate was National Party leader Bill English confessing to liking “all seasons” of cult TV show Prison Break.

Requests for confirmation of his love of Prison Break – and if that included the much-maligned season five – were met with a polite rejection by Mr English’s team, citing his busy schedule.

But nonetheless, it’s a fascinating news – and his opponent Jacinda Ardern did opt to comment.

New Zealand filmmaker and journalist David Farrier, a recovering Prison Break fan himself, says he feels both “excitement and dread” over Mr English’s comment.

“The first season of Prison Break was fantastic television, as Michael Scofield tried to free his brother from prison… by going to prison,” says Mr Farrier.

“The politics of prison life no doubt resonated with Bill, as did the charisma of its star, Wentworth Miller – a gay icon. It’s forward-thinking of Bill and I’m excited he enjoyed watching it.

“I am however a bit bothered by the revelation he also enjoyed the fifth season of the show. It was filled with so many plot holes – even beyond the scale seen in prior seasons – liking it suggests a strong lack of judgement.”

“I have long had an embarrassing love of SVU. I have no idea why, but I’ve always loved trashy crime shows,” says Ms Ardern.

“When I lived in New York I remember running past one of the stars, and was so surprised I almost ran into a pole.”

At the Leaders’ Debate, Mr English also said he was “thinking about” starting Game of Thrones – seven years into what is arguably the greatest show on TV.


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