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Is Mercy Johnson Expecting Another Child?


Mercy Johnson July  LoggTVIf we are talking Nigerian show business, there are very few people like Mercy Johnson who have a joyous family with children.

The talented actress spends all her free time with her three kids and husband. They give her the power of life, lots of happiness and joy.

For some, three kids are too much. However, the actress doesn’t think so and it’s quite possible that soon we’ll hear about Mercy Johnson new baby.

In numerous interviews, the actress has said that family is the most important thing in her life. The love of fans can change but your family will always be near and offer support whenever necessary.

Curious journalists were very keen to know when to wait for the continuation of this “kid series.” Indeed, it seems that Mercy Johnson’s kids have become seasons of a television show to most people. Fans are waiting for new ones to come out. The actress cleverly replied “Coming soon” when asked about her personal plans. So, what does this mean? Was she just joking with journalists, hinting that it’s definitely not his business or was she talking quite seriously? Perhaps the best way to find out the truth is to wait a couple of months when it will be simply impossible to hide a bulging tummy.

Only good things can be said about Mercy Johnson: her talent, work, and life values. It is absolutely clear that everything she does is not for advertising, but for pure family happiness, and true warmth of the heart.. No matter how many children Mercy will have, we wish her happiness, career success, and peace!


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