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Drake’s Old Notebook Set To Be Auctioned

DrakeAn old notebook of Drake’s is currently up for auction, with the potential to sell for $54,000, reports have said.

The purple spiral notebook appears to contain song lyrics, as well as Drake’s take on Biggie Smalls’s “10 Crack Commandments,” which the Toronto native calls the “10 Mack Commandments.” It also contains multiple version of his signature, here seen as Aubrey Graham, as well as “various phone and credit card numbers … possibly his uncle’s.”

The notebook was found in Drake’s grandfather’s Toronto furniture factory and almost thrown out, but saved at the last minute. It’s dated as being started in 2002, and thus believed to be a product of Drake’s years on the Canadian teen soap Degrassi, where he played Jimmy.

The notebook is being auctioned off by MomentsInTime.com, where owner Gary Zimet says the artifact’s legitimacy is confirmed.


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