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African Artists Based In Europe Should Go Back Home – Davido

davidoDavido has said he is not interested in seeking international acceptance but only doing it as a pioneer of the movement.

The Popstar stated this in a recent interview with Pause UK magazine where he spoke on his debut into the industry, his career, future plans and how Africa is taking over the world.

Davido who has enjoyed a ground-breaking year following the success of his singles in 2017, has been travelling around the world performing at concerts and preparing for the release of his next album, which he has announced will be released in September.

”To be honest, me, I’m not into this international stuff but I’m really doing it because I’m one of those people pioneering this movement. I have to put a cape on my back and do it for the culture but I always prefer being at home.”

He also advised African artists based in Europe and trying to reach out to the audience in Nigeria to come back home.

”Go to Nigeria”, he says, ”If they’re trying to reach somewhere it’s the best place to be. But it just depends, to be honest. Mr. Eazi was in London, then he came back.”

He also touched on his next plans before the end of the year, ”One of them is called ‘Nwa Baby’ (his next single which has been scheduled for release on Friday, August 10), and then we’re going to more festivals, we’re going to Belgium next, and then another festival in Paris, New York. There’s a lot.”


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