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It Is Very Difficult To Improve Chelsea Players – Sarri

Maurizio Sarri has insisted that he has accepted the fact that his job as Chelsea head coach is “always at risk” but also said that he will keep trying to implement his style of football at Stamford Bridge.

His words, “I think that my job is always at risk, and I love my job for this reason,” he said. “I thrive on pressure. So I love my job for everything, but I know very well the rules. My job is always at risk. You can win against [Manchester] City, but after three days you are at risk.”

“It’s not my problem. I want to remain the same man. If I am a dreamer, I am a dreamer.

“If I have fun with my football, I want to play my football. If I believe that the organisation in a team is everything, I cannot change my mind.”

“But, at the moment, no. If I can change the mentality of these players, they are really very suitable for my football.”

“First of all, here it’s very difficult to have training,” he explained. “Because it’s impossible. We started to play every three days in August. In five months, we have only had one week without a match during the week, so it’s very, very difficult to have training here.

“So it’s very difficult to improve the single players, to improve the team. We are trying to work with videos, but it’s a long way. We are trying to change something during training but we have little time.

“First of all we worked on how to build up the action. Now we are working on the last 30 metres. But the time is really little.”


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