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Men Are Useless Until They Clock 33 – Jennifer Lopez

Newly engaged Jennifer Lopez has come out to say men are actually useless until they clock 33.

In a recent video that is part of Tinder’s Swipe Sessions, JLo gave a woman named Brooke some hints on what to do to clinch her future husband.

As the two ladies swiped through Brooke’s Tinder options together – J.Lo had her say.

Her words, “Guys, until they’re 33, are really useless.”

Some guys on the Internet were not pleased with the 48-year-old singer’s advice to Brooke though, a fan wrote, “Ha! Imagine if a man said women are useless under the age of 30 – they’d bring out the pitchforks and torches wouldn’t they? Hypocrites smh.”

“If a guy said women under 33 are useless the UN would have to intervene and everyone would be appalled. Now it’s just a silly joke. Talk about equality…”


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