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Tottenham’s Owner Is Happy With Me – Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham boss, Mauricio Pochettino will not be Manchester United or Real Madrid anytime soon but he has still refused to guarantee his future at Spurs.

The Argentine has been linked to the Spanish and English giants for years but the move has failed to materialize as both clubs recently employed other coaches.

Pochettino is now focusing on his role at the North London club even if he does not know how long he’ll be at the club.

His words, “It does not depend only on me, it’s about Daniel [Levy]. Of course I know he is happy with me and that is what he is telling me.

“But I understand Tottenham is bigger than one person. Tottenham is bigger than one player, Tottenham is bigger than everything.

“Always, you need to feel my position here is I need to fight every day to keep my position. That doesn’t mean I am not comfortable.

“Always I tell Jesus (Perez, assistant manager), we need to think that maybe tomorrow if we don’t care about our position maybe we can go away quick. Football changes the same very quickly.

“It’s difficult to say I am now happy and sure I will be here next season. If, I said that and something wrong happened and I’m not here then you say: ‘Oh Pochettino said he will be here and now he’s not here’.

“I don’t say because maybe the rumour can be true or Daniel can say: ‘It’s enough, I need another manager’.

“In my mind, always I am living today can be the last day, tomorrow can be the last day. That is my philosophy.

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“Look at what happened at Real Madrid. Zidane said, ‘I go’, then two managers and not even the end of the season and he’s back. Who believed that?

“That is why in football, you must respect football because everything that today is white, tomorrow is black and then white again. I try to live with this respect and knowing things can turn so quickly.”


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