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Pogba Will Bounce Back For Manchester United Next Season – Youri Djorkaeff

PogbaPaul Pogba needed one full year to get over winning the 2018 World Cup but he will still bounce back for Manchester United next season, according to Youri Djorkaeff.

Pogba had a mixed season at the club under both Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer this year.

He was recently involved in a confrontation with some United supporters as players walked around the pitch after the terrible final-day 2-0 home loss to relegated Cardiff City.

Despite the criticism,the Frenchman finished the season with a decent 13 Premier League goals and a further nine assists.

Youri believes Pogba’s season was expected after the World Cup.

His words, “When you win a World Cup, the following year is usually difficult for everyone, not only Pogba.

“For any world champion, the impact is such that you need a year [to get over it]. Next year, Pogba should reach an even better level.

“He will be able to show his qualities better than he could with Mourinho in Manchester.”

On Zidane, Youri shared, “We were expecting him everywhere. He was linked to many clubs,”

“What’s interesting is the way he came back.

“Real Madrid are at the end of a cycle, got knocked out in the last 16 of the Champions League and the following week the president [Florentino Perez] decided to change the head coach for someone who knows them well.

“That’s a strong message that the Real Madrid president sent to the fans and the socios [members]. It says: ‘We’ll get the best back, even if he previously left, we’ll do whatever it takes to have him back and start the conquest again’.

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“Don’t forget that they won three Champions Leagues in a row. It was a first. I think that the main change for Zidane is that he’s going to build a team.

“The first time, he joined an incredible team, with great players. He’s going to build a new team now that I hope will start a new cycle.”


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