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Zidane Handles The Dressing Room Very Well – Sergio Ramos

Sergio RamosReal Madrid player, Sergio Ramos has said he wants Zinedine Zidane to stay at the club for several years ahead of their crunch clash vs Barcelona in the El Clasico.

Zidane’s current contract ties him to the club until 2022, but Ramos wants him to stay beyond that.

According to him, Zinadine is a fantastic manager not just because of the trophies he has won for the club but because he was also successful as a player.

He added that the Frenchman handles the dressing room extremely well and not every manager can do that.

His words, “Zidane is a fantastic coach,”

“Not just because of the statistics and all the trophies we’ve won with him, but also because he was here for many years as a player.

“He works the dressing room very well. He’s privileged in that sense; he lived it as a player, and now he manages it as a coach. Not everyone can do it.”

On the El Clasico, “I don’t know whether maybe when you’re young you don’t give things so much thought.

“As the years go on, you become more experienced, but you also think about things like El Clasico more than you used to.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m just as excited about these games as I was years ago. I don’t play as if it were my last Clasico, I play as if it were my first, with the same ambition and desire to win.

“As we all know, it’s not a normal game. Even though it’s three points just like every other game, beating Barcelona is huge and a really big emotional boost for us. It’s the same for them.”