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COVID-19: Death toll reaches 319,108; confirmed cases now more than 4.8m globally as at 18th May 2020

The death toll due to COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak has reached 319,108. There are currently 4,869,744 confirmed cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic across the world as at today.

From the total cases confirmed across the affected countries; United States (USA), Russia, Spain, United Kingdom (UK), Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, and Iran top the list of countries with most reported and confirmed cases.

See the high-level statistics of the outbreak, including top 10 country cases by total confirmed cases and total deaths by country.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak Statistics:

Coronavirus Cases: 4,869,744
Deaths: 319,108
Recovered: 1,893,474
Active Cases: 2,657,162 currently infected patients in mild or critical conditions.
Closed Cases: 2,212,582 cases that have concluded and either led to recovery or deaths.

Top 10 by total cases:

  1. United States (USA): 1,544,185
  2. Russia: 290,678
  3. Spain: 278,188
  4. United Kingdom (UK): 246,406
  5. Brazil: 245,595
  6. Italy: 225,886
  7. France: 179,927
  8. Germany: 177,281
  9. Turkey: 150,593
  10. Iran: 122,492

Top 10 cases by total death:

  1. United States (USA): 91,717
  2. United Kingdom (UK): 34,796
  3. Italy: 32,007
  4. France: 28,239
  5. Spain: 27,709
  6. Brazil: 16,370
  7. Belgium: 9,080
  8. Germany: 8,120
  9. Iran: 7,057
  10. Canada: 5,839

Please lets stay home and stay safe. If you feel worried about related symptons, contact the relevant organisations in your country.

For COVID-19 Coronavirus Case Live Updates: https://www.theinfostride.com/covid-19-case-updates/


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